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Ladies 1 Pair Jonathan Aston Glitz Glitter Tights

Smooth against the skin, with a soft-touch shimmer design, these opaque finish Jonathan Aston Glitz Glitter Tights add instant glamour to even the most meek, mild outfit. The entire weave, impeccably done in Italy, is shot through with metallic colour yet remains as comfortable as the plainest everyday pair of tights. Jonathan Aston Glitz Glitter

Ladies 1 Pair Jonathan Aston Aura Fishnet Sheer Bottomed Tights

Straight from their ‘Drama Queen’ collection, these impactful Jonathan Aston Aura Tights feature a chunky, yet light and soft, fishnet thigh and body, but switchgears just before the knee, becoming a smooth opaque and sassy over knee design. Not content with merely the juxtaposed net and opaque, Jonathan Aston has designed the Italian-woven fishnet with

Ladies 1 Pair Jonathan Aston Houndstooth Tights

A classic Scottish pattern, impeccably restyled in London and beautifully woven in Italy makes these Jonathan Aston Houndstooth Tights the very definition of a hybrid, taking the best of cross-European influences to create this fabulous look for your legs. The monochrome uniformity of houndstooth gives any outfit a strong, structured appearance, and looks particularly good

Ladies 1 Pair Charnos Mini Spot Opaque Tights

Delightfully subtle, but giving your legs a little uniqueness amongst the sea of opaque tights being worn everywhere, Charnos Mini Spot Opaque Tights have that attractive, tiny polka dot, arranged as a grid pattern which runs waist to toe, making these tights suitable for all shoes, open and close-fronted, and all lengths of skirt. The

Babies 1 Pair Falke Multistripe Crawler Tights with Knee Grips

Cute, stripy baby tights, made cotton rich to be kind to the youngest delicate skins, Falke Multistripe Crawler Tights are ribbed on the outside, with soft plush on the inside. Specially reinforced at all stress zones, and with added protective anti-slip grip pads in the knees and soles, these tights are wholly designed to help

Ladies 1 Pair Charnos Tweed Opaque Tights

All the textured, heavy weave looks of a classic rough tweed suiting fabric, but with the soft feel you want from your tights, Charnos Tweed Opaque Tights are multi-shade patterned, subtle and seasonal. These Italian-made tights are patterned through the toe for the greatest flexibility in wearing shoes. Charnos Tweed Opaque Tights have a marl

Ladies 1 Pair Charnos Lurex Backseam Sheer Tights

British born, Italian manufactured, these Charnos Lurex Backseam Sheer Tights offer just the very slightest hint of glam for when you don’t want your legwear to overshadow your party dress, but still desire a touch of sparkle for your pins. The smooth and sheer weave is nearer to a semi-opaque, giving your legs a flattering,

Girls 1 Pair Pretty Legs 70 Denier Opaque School Tights

Thick and comfortably warm, but formed without wool (an ideal choice if your child has allergies), these Little Legs 70 Denier Girl’s Opaque Tights from Pretty Legs UK are a dense weave, yet soft and silky-smooth to the touch, made from multifilament yarn with added Lycra fibre for a great fit. Manufactured in Leicestershire, Little

Ladies 1 Pair Trasparenze Malle Backseam Heart Net Hold Ups

Part of the company’s cinema-themed limited edition collection, the main pattern of these Italian-made, vintage-inspired Trasparenze Malle Backseam Hold Ups criss-crosses the legs with lines linked by small hearts dotted at every intersection, and divided neatly by a back seam trailing down from a deep, ‘V’-shaped top. These matte semi-opaque thigh highs are a 40

Ladies 1 Pair Jonathan Aston Fantasy Tights

With a silky, single strand chain-style pattern of connecting abstract butterfly-cum-floral designs in a soft pewter on an charcoal opaque leg, Jonathan Aston Fantasy Tights are gorgeous, both in looks and feel, with a delightful soft touch. The tights straddle the line between fashion and formal perfectly, bringing one up and complementing the other to

Ladies 1 Pair Trasparenze Pennac 20 Denier Back Seam Sheer Tights

While stockings and suspenders are the ideal feminine fantasy choice for hosiery, reality dictates that there are times when they simply aren’t practical. Styled after the classic looks of their Pennac seamed stockings, these Trasparenze Pennac 20 Denier Back Seam Sheer Tights have the same fully fashioned seaming, Cuban heel and reinforced heels and soles,

Ladies 1 Pair Pretty Legs for SockShop 10 Denier Classic Nylon Tights

Ladies 1 Pair Pretty Legs for SockShop 10 Denier Classic Nylon Tights. A quality high sheen everyday sheer, Pretty Legs for SockShop 10 Denier Classic Nylon Tights are Lycra fibre enhanced hosiery that offer great looks with improved comfort and a superb fit. Sleek and smooth for the office, in the club or shopping on

Ladies 1 Pair Pretty Legs Classic Nylons Lace Top Hold Ups

Give your legs extra polish with the high sheen looks of these luxury Pretty Legs Classic Nylons Lace Top Hold Ups. These British-made 10 denier sheer stockings have Lycra fibre for improved fit and comfort, and a silicone banded top lining the gorgeous lace to ensure a good yet comfortable grip (We’d advise you not

Ladies 1 Pair Charnos 15 Denier Sheer Lustre Hold Ups

Soft and shiny luxury awaits with these sleek, sheer 15 denier lustre hold ups, topped by a smooth satin band, a fine and contemporary alternative to the traditional lace top. The band has a ‘stay4sure’ silicone band for secure comfort and complete confidence. The addition of a totally sheer toe makes these elegant Charnos stockings

Ladies 1 Pair Falke Corsage Hold Up With Ribbon Lace Up Band

Spectacularly styled, in a semi-sheer fine mesh, these beautiful, back seamed Falke Corsage Hold Ups are, in Ivory, a gorgeous alternative choice for weddings or, in Black, a darkly seductive treat. The scale-patterned satin tops are finished with a fabulous satin ribbon lace-up panel at the back. Falke line Ribbon Lace Up with two wide

Ladies 1 Pair SockShop 15 Denier Invisible Slimming Tights

Let SockShop help you to a trimmer figure… for when you absolutely must look at your best, SockShop 15 DenierInvisible Slimming Tights will pull you in and smooth you out in all the right places. The light support abilities of these deceptively delicate tights, with their mix of fine nylon and Lycra control, will invisibly

Ladies 1 Pair Pretty Legs 15 Denier Back Seam Stockings

There really is no reason to mess with the classics, which is precisely why these British-made Pretty Legs 15 Denier Back Seam Stockings work so well, with their authentic retro looks and feel, enhanced by a little up-to-date Lycra fibre technology for improved comfort and fit. The stocking tops of these sheer, Matt stockings are

Ladies 1 Pair Pretty Legs 15 Denier Soft Shine Body Shaping Tights

Look at your best and control your form with these Pretty Legs 15 Denier Soft Shine Body Shaping Tights. Looking like a regular pair of sheer tights, with a soft shine finish that flatters legs, the compression body draws you in and tames your curves. The control top wraps your waist and shapes your tummy,

Ladies 1 Pair Pretty Legs Xceptionelle Plus Size Lycra Tights

For ‘fashion conscious curves’, Pretty Legs Xceptionelle Plus Size Lycra Tights are sheer, 20 denier designs enhanced by Lycra Xceptionelle fibre technology to provide a perfect fit with complete comfort and style for the plus size figure. These British-made tights are designed and constructed to have incredible stretch, which in turn helps to reduce friction

Ladies 1 Pair Pretty Legs 80 Denier Luxury Opaque Tights

With Lycra 3D hosiery for a luxurious, long-lasting fit, British-made Pretty Legs 80 Denier Luxury Opaque Tights will take you through the working day or evening with warmth, coverage and comfort. The Lycra enhanced multifilament nylon fibre ensures improved comfort and fit while a reinforced body and toe makes them superbly durable. Pretty Legs 80